What I Did on National Adjunct Walkout Day and Why You Should Care

by VanessaVaile

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The first ever National Adjunct Walkout Day was this past Wednesday, a day I also happened to be teaching as an adjunct faculty member.  I didn’t walk out of my class, but I did use the first few minutes of class to highlight an issue that I think is important: the benefit-less extremely low pay of adjunct faculty in higher education.  The fast food workers of the ivory tower.  It is a population that, in some reports, takes on up to 70% of the teaching load at U.S. colleges and universities.  A figure that has increased from a still hefty 57% in 1993.

This is an important issue that I don’t think many people understand.  As a current and past adjunct faculty member, it is extremely hard to eek out a living teaching at a college or university.  For some, who are finished with their degrees and on…

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