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Kindness and compassion at work and elsewhere

Minding the Workplace

Dear readers, I’ve collected six previous pieces on kindness and compassion at work and elsewhere. Consider it food for thought as we enter the holiday season!

Valuing kindness over emotional intelligence in today’s workplace (2016) — “For years I’ve exhorted the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace. But Bariso’s piece reminds us that a high EQ isn’t enough. By contrast, Rex Huppke, writing for the Chicago Tribune, suggests that kindness and being ‘a decent human being’ will contribute to better, more successful workplaces . . .”

Not-so-random acts of kindness for the non-saintly among us (2015) — “Last November, I was crossing the street near Boston’s Faneuil Hall when I saw a man huddled in a blanket, shuffling past me in the opposite direction. I caught a glimpse of his eyes for only a second, but I could see a lot of sadness in them. When I got…

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IG-Ready Photos to Use This Weekend to Encourage Your Friends to Go #ToThePolls on Tuesday

an election day treat, better late than never

Streets Dept

Welcome to the To the Polls Photo Share!

Please feel free to use any/all of the photos below across your social media channels over the next few days to encourage your loved ones and followers to vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2018!

HOW TO USE: It’s easy, just click on any photo you like below to load the hi-res version, then either hold your finger to the screen (mobile) or right-click (laptop/desktop) to save the photo to your device.

BE SURE to credit the artists if you use any of these images, the artists’ Instagram handles are listed below each photo for easy reference, and hashtag your posts #ToThePolls.

These are photos of the 10 murals created by 10 Philly-based artists for the Streets Dept + Mural Arts exhibition To the Polls… Click here to learn more about that exhibition and to read the…

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Cartoon of the day

a pre-election day and border human rights atrocity special

occasional links & commentary


Special mention

toles  FellP20181101_low

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Red Scare 2018: socialism and healthcare

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A specter is haunting the United States—the specter of Medicare for All. All the powers of old America have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this specter: Wall Street and Big Pharma, Trump and McConnell, Fox News and the American Enterprise Institute.

Now, “coincident with the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth—and, more important, on the cusp of the 2018 elections—the Council of Economic Advisers has joined the alliance:

socialism is making a comeback in American political discourse. Detailed policy proposals from self-declared socialists are gaining support in Congress and among much of the electorate.

The fact is, socialismis on the rebound in the United States. And healthcare is the top issue for voters in the midterm elections (with 71 percent of respondents saying healthcare is “very important” in making their voting decisions for Congress this year, and at least a quarter choosing health care as the “most important issue,”…

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Cartoon of the day

There Is No Such Thing As An Adjunct Professor

@DebraLeighScott, blogging as the #HomelessProfessor, having left the building is back for a visit

The Homeless Adjunct

A full year has passed on these pages since I announced my departure from academic “adjunct” employment, listing my plans for reconstructing my life once I was no longer living the life of a precariously-employed scholar. I’ve been silent here as I went about that reconstruction, even withdrawing from most of the conversations about higher education. I’d like to say that this was done through a healthy intentionality – but it was not. The year’s anniversary for my departure has just passed. During this year, it’s become clear to me that more time is necessary for both life reconstruction and for healing the trauma of such long-term professional, economic and emotional abuse. As any therapist will attest, any extended experience of abuse requires extended efforts at healing. When a person is consistently demeaned, dehumanized, stressed, and frightened, there is a kind of PTSD that forms that doesn’t simply go away…

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Roundup on gaslighting

Fight Against What Happened Yesterday: Let’s Make History

Add getting corporate money out of politics — down with Citizens United by any means necessary

Real Learning CT

I am more emboldened today than yesterday. I agree with those Senators who called yesterday the darkest day in the history of the United States Senate and the White House-governed FBI (non) investigation a cover -up.

Check out my To-Do list on yesterday’s posting, which is below. I have added a sixth item:

6. Call the offices of Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Donnelly and offer to do what I can for their campaigns from Connecticut, maybe a phone bank or send out a mailing. TOMORROW

Suggest what else we can do together. Join me. Let’s create history of which we and our children and grandchildren can be proud.


Shame On You, Susan Collins

Shame on you, Susan Collins for voting for someone who lied under oath to the Supreme Court. Shame on you for not telling us that you know that Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath. Even if he cannot remember…

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How depressed

“Why?” you ask. Where do I start? Start anywhere and make a list. Then pick yourself up off the ground and re-enter the fray.



Via Peanuts on This Day on Twitter:

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The Mansion of the Kavanaughs

this cautionary tale holds lessons for downstairs workers in the corresponding Mansions of Academe

Teaching Industrial Relations in Vietnam: a US Labor Academic at a Union-sponsored University

It’s been nearly two months since I’ve posted. What could I say that wasn’t bad news? But now the Brett Kavanaugh hearings have happened and all hell has broken loose.  Women protesting all over the place, occupying offices in government buildings, clamoring for the white boys in charge to listen to their stories and pay attention. The best quickie is the Instagram mashup that has Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction leaning over Kavanaugh and shouting, “You did it!! You know you did it!”

Here is what I wrote on September 29, 2018. I was responding to an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education by Lindsay Ellis, from September 27: As Kavanaugh Allegations Widen, Elite-College Alumni Recall Harassment From Decades Past Students, by Lindsay Ellis. She has said she wants to post it in various places so I figured I’d post  it here, too.

The Mansion of the Kavanaughs

As a…

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