When the queen sacrifice isn’t enough, a campus resigns

by VanessaVaile

…with a title like this, any so-called value adding commentary would be superfluous. If you have not been following the “queen sacrifice” series, now (before one roosts on your college doorstep) not later would be the time to start. Search or check the future of education category

Bryan Alexander

Today a fine college, a splendid campus where many of my friends work, announced it will close.  Sweet Briar College, founded in 1901, will cease operations at the end of this year.  As its president states, “the class of 2015 will be our last.”  Coming up next: “winding down our academic operations.”

Before I go further, let me express my sorrow and sympathy for Sweet Briar’s students, staff, and faculty.  This is a terribly hard blow, and starts a dark time for a lot of people.  I hope the academic community will support you all.

So what happened?  Listen to the reasons SBC leadership gives.

President James Jones leads off his announcement by naming “insurmountable financial challenges”.  Then the college’s board of directors (trustees) chair) gets more specific.  Paul Rice names several trends, “intractable issues”:

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