The Use of Competitive Hiring to Erode Tenure by Adjunctification

by VanessaVaile

…another important @AdjunctCrisis post by John R Hoskins

The Adjunct Crisis

Following are comments made on an email thread debating proposed language changes affecting adjuncts in AFT 1931 that might be of interest to others. The comments have been slightly edited.

Here are my comments in support of the proposed changes to the contract language being discussed in this thread as well as an attempt (an inadequate one) to put the discussion in a larger context that might allow us to see our situation more clearly. I beg your indulgence.

The human condition is richly ironic. Our best intentions often go awry and we end up accomplishing the opposite of our original aims. This has happened with the competitive hiring process in search of the “best” at community colleges.

The hiring process was instituted to ensure that the hiring of faculty was just, that it offered equal opportunity to all candidates. The result has been mixed at best. Nationally, the lion’s…

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