“Going with the Carnies” A Campus Equity Poem

by VanessaVaile

The Adjunct Crisis

For our poetry reading tonight I decided to write a poem about one Summer night I had when I was 16.  It’s not about Adjuncting per se, but it’s about how we lead ourselves into abusive work environments which is due to either where we’ve been, or how we don’t value ourselves.

I ask that even if after all the exhortations I have made about doing something for Campus Equity Week, that you have done nothing, that you at least value yourself.

You are not just the work you do, nor should it ever define you.

Going with the Carnies

Dog day turned dog night,the summer sultry air was suffocating yet not enough to cut the tension of getting a paying gig after a summer of mowing lawns for free. Jeff and I waited in the Southgate Lot for Jason, a guy Jeff said would pay us to help break…

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