Meanwhile, New America publishes an important education report

by VanessaVaile

Bryan Alexander

While the New America organization is in the news for its troubling Google relationship, a different branch of the think tank just published an important study about American higher education.  Everyone in education should read it.

Here I’ll draw out the parts that struck me as most interesting.

New American Foundation logo(We have a fine Future Trends Forum discussion about it today, with the authors.  It should be up on YouTube next week.)

The first part of “Varying Degrees” (Manuela Ekowo, Rachel Fishman) explores what Americans think about higher education.  As such it goes well with the recent Pew survey on the same topic.

Overall, Americans value higher education, especially as the key to financial success.  “Three-quarters of Americans believe it is easier to be successful with a college degree than without.”

New American succeed in college chart

Most of us think it’s harder now to make our parents’ income level than it was back then.  But we…

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