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From Master Plan to No Plan: The Slow Death of Public Higher Education | Dissent Magazine

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The California student movement has a slogan that goes, “Behind every fee hike, a line of riot cops.” And no one embodies that connection more than the Ronald Reagan of the 1960s. Elected governor of California in 1966 after running a scorched-earth campaign against the University of California, Reagan vowed to “clean up that mess in Berkeley.”

It’s important to remember this chapter in California history because it may, in retrospect, have signaled the beginning of the end of public higher education in the United States as we’d known it.

By Aaron Bady and Mike Konczal

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Which states are worst for labor?

Are the states worst for unions and organized labor also worst for unorganized non-tenured academic labor? 

With teachers striking in Chicago and the NFL lockout, unions have been in the headlines. But in many states, politicians have been working to fight against them.

Using information from the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Census Bureau, as well as recent efforts by politicians to limit the power of unions, here are the 12 worst states for labor:

Which states are worst for labor?

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