Both The Commune And Revolution

by VanessaVaile

To read in conjunction with David Bollier and George Monbiot on the commons as an “asset over which a community has shared and equal rights” and Arthur J Miller’s A Union Vision (2011). Re-read Rich’s Organizing: The Arts and Sciences (2009).

Be Freedom


Also in Counterpunch

The environmental crisis grows ever more dire but we are no closer to a grand political solution because that requires nothing less than a revolution: we must replace corporate power with economic democracy and war with peace. In the US we are caught between the reckless climate denial of the Republican Party and the opiate incrementalism of the corporate Democrats.  One side denies that environmental destruction is real, the other denies that there is much we can do about it. Both serve the insatiable demand for war, power and profit that sends us hurtling toward the cliff.  While we must pursue every means we have to assert democratic control over government and capital we cannot wait for a new day to dawn. We must act in the here and now. Take climate destruction into your own hands; join the commune.

Many Roads to Revolution

The “commune” referred to…

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