The Post-Janus Path Forward

by VanessaVaile

The Adjunct Crisis

On June 28th, while I was in the midst of considering the impact of one of my locals losing dues from over 300 members, I saw a piece of commentary titled, “Why the Supreme Court Ruling on Unions Could Be Good for Adjuncts” by Keith Hoeller, a retired philosophy adjunct from Washington state.

In the commentary, Hoeller primarily argues that 1) particularly wall-to-wall (those faculty unions will both full-time and part-time members) have systematically underserved the needs and interests of full-time faculty; 2) that clearly, adjuncts would be served better by adjunct-only unions; 3) and that the path to this is by adjuncts pushing for the de-certification of wall-to-wall units, with the apparent goal of using the leverage to realize supposedly one-tier faculty labor system known as the “Vancouver Model,” whereby uncoming part-time instructors, are paid at the proportional full-time rate after, and after teaching a 50%+ load…

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