Falwell: “The big victory was finding a way to tame the faculty”

by VanessaVaile

How does the expression “taming the faculty” (especially adjuncts teaching online) sit with you? Recall as well Tressie McCottom’s keenly descriptive “profit generating” for prospering private non-profits.

The Pietist Schoolman

If you want to feel sick to your stomach about this country’s largest Christian university, make time to read Alec MacGillis’ article on Liberty University for ProPublica.

ProPublica logo MacGillis’ article was also published in The New York Times Magazine

It’s not just that you’ll be reminded of Liberty president Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s alliance with Donald Trump and the damage it has done to the word “evangelical.” It’s the depth of MacGillis’ reporting on Liberty’s massive online program. I’ve mentioned it before at this blog, both in terms of Falwell’s stated desire to use technology to make Christian higher education available to lower-income students… and significant concerns about the way that Liberty has made enormous profits from mass-produced academic programs marked by high attrition and loan default rates. But MacGillis’ article was still eye-opening.

I knew that Liberty took in hundreds of millions of dollars from federal financial aid programs…

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