Cuts, clearings, and a closure: three small colleges offer a dark view of 2018

by VanessaVaile

Bryan Alexander

Let me turn now from the fates and possibilities of associations to what’s going on with some campuses.  2017 has seen a continuation of academic cuts from 2016, with queen sacrifices, campus closures, and other grim strategies deployed by troubled colleges and universities.  The year hasn’t expired, but offers still more accounts of this kind of thing.

I’m in wild overdrive this week, between the NMC debacle, arranging holidays for my family, and a sudden health problem, so this post will be a bit tighter than usual:

ITEM: Sweet Briar College will lay off more than  10% of its faculty.  This is part of a curricular overhaul, including implementing a new core.

How many faculty are hit by this?

Roughly a dozen faculty members’ positions will be eliminated, the college’s administration confirmed to Inside Higher Ed Monday. They include tenured professors, tenure-track faculty members and instructors teaching under contract…

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