Internet2 on net neutrality

Bryan Alexander

How is higher education responding to net neutrality’s impending demise?

To answer this question, last week I interviewed the policy director for EDUCAUSE, the largest education and technology group.  The heads of ISTE and the New Media Consortium also published a joint article about their views.   All share a similar stance: that net neutrality is good for education, that the FCC should keep it intact, and educators should advocate for its preservation.

Internet2 logoI also reached out to Internet2, since they are an academic network.  I was curious about their opinion of the FCC’s decision, as well as how they structured their own system.  Sara Aly, Internet2’s communications manager, kindly answered my barrage of questions.

Internet2 supports net neutrality, both for national policy and their own.  They’ve given statements to the FCC to this effect.  They also see their own network as unaffected by Pai’s broader policy change.  Internet2 is also coordinating…

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