Reasons to be optimistic about the future in 2017

by VanessaVaile

because it’s not always all doom-saying and Queen Sacrifices

Bryan Alexander

What cheers me up in mid-2017?

The nature of my work means I have to spend a great deal of time with grim stuff.  In looking hard at the future of education I study (among other things): rising income inequality, the possibility of civil strife, increasing acceptance of surveillance, the possibility of automation-fueled neofeudalism, racism, sexism, the decline of the humanities, higher education slashing at its core, governments behaving at epic levels of stupidity – and that’s all from a quick glance at one document on one of my hard drives.  It doesn’t include climate change or existential threats.

sun over dark forestAs a futurist I have to be open to a range of possible futures.  They include ones that I personally find bad, and that others might fear as well.

So to stay sane, to keep my mind balanced, and to keep my work sharp and useful, I discipline myself to pay…

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