When education doomsayers aren’t grim enough

by VanessaVaile

Reflecting on and adding to the ongoing discussion in higher ed media, that is also taking place across social media. Main stream media cannot be far behind (cynical yawn). That said, it behooves all levels of academic labor and higher ed stakeholders to pay attention — without falling into troll or click bait black holes.

Bryan Alexander

Recently Inside Higher Ed ran two columns arguing that higher education is in serious trouble.  Their titles proclaimed a very grim analysis: “What Happens If Higher Ed Collapses?” and “The Culling of Higher Ed Begins”.  Both contain useful bits of information and some thoughtful assessments.  Both serve the useful function of shocking people out of complacency. Unfortunately, neither go far enough.  In a sense, they are too optimistic.

Let me be clear.  Doug Lederman and John Warner’s columns are very useful.  I recommend sharing them with colleagues, be they in a library, an academic department, a state legislature, or in the next .edu start-up over in the incubator.  I like what they’ve done.  I just want to add to their analyses, since higher education’s problems are even more extensive and dire than those short pieces had time to address.

To summarize: Lederman notes that “the number of colleges and universities eligible to…

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