An experiment in collective futuring, and you are invited

by VanessaVaile

Don’t miss this Thursday’s #FTTE Forum, an “experiment in collective intelligence.” focusing on education, technology–and how they intersect … how they could…

Bryan Alexander

For the past year and a half the Future Trends Forum has been a kind of ongoing, public experiment.  It’s given us a chance to explore the possibility of using synchronous, videoconference-based discussion to probe the future of education and technology.

Forum screenshot: Taskeen and a crowdAnd by “us” I mean over 1,500 participants, plus more than 60 brilliant guests.  This is definitely a collective or collaborative initiative.*

I’m delighted with what we’ve achieved so far on so many levels, from learning multiple seminars’ worth of information to making new friends to seeing some people leverage their participation into career benefits.

Let’s take things a little further.  I’d like to try another experiment, next week, and want to invite you to partake.

Instead of having a guest, or me presenting on trends, let’s reflect – as a group – on the future of education and technology.

I propose that we structure that hour of reflection…

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