Technology trends for mid-2017: Mary Meeker’s latest

by VanessaVaile

part of the future of higher ed and academic labor … whether you like it or not

Bryan Alexander

Mary Meeker has released her latest technology trends presentation.  As usual, it’s important and rich stuff.

I’ll pull out some highlights for the future of education and technology.

At a meta level, it’s fascinating to see how investors think about technology and society.  There’s an important political stratum that emerges.

The mobile revolution continues.  Americans spend more time on smartphones than with laptops and desktops, and mobile ad spending has reached parity with desktop.  Mobile even impacts enterprise software, as Meeker’s team sees enterprise users demanding interfaces and service as easy as those from mobile apps.  But smartphone growth is slowing down even further, and the number of phones shipped could plateau soon.

The move away from desktops and laptops continues to drive new interface development.  One piece of the mobile scene is rising interest in users interacting via pictures rather than text (search, image recognition, AR)…

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