A devil’s dictionary of education keywords

by VanessaVaile

contributions invited…

Bryan Alexander

Last year I wrote “A Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology”.  Inspired commentators joined in and helped build an expanded version.

Now I’d like to take a shot at applying Bierce’s satirical approach to educational terminology beyond technology.  May it entertain, and all be forgiven.

devil photo by elycefelizAdjunct, n.  1. Literally, the typical faculty member in American academia.  Etymologically, a small side dish supplemental to the main course.  2. The crowning delight awaiting a PhD in the 21st century.  3. Uber for higher education!  4. American English for the British expression “on the dole”.  (See Tuition) 

Athletics, n. pl.   A strategy for attempting to gain, and succeeding in losing: imagined glories, needed dollars, alumni adoration, and needful students – in that order of priority and sequence. (See Tuition)

Class, n.  The blinking horde that awaits us when we awaken.   (See Tuition) 

Communications, n.  An intellectual field with…

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