Still more campus cuts

by VanessaVaile

#Adjunct or contingent faculty surprised by this or think it won’t affect the profession all the downstream have either been asleep/comatose/in denial or just not been paying attention.

If setting news alerts is too much bother, Bryan discusses, analyzes and compares trends and patterns in cuts. Ray Schroeder has been chronicling them without discussion on Recession Realities in Higher Education since 2008.

Bryan Alexander

April is the cruelest month, and some American colleges and universities are showing their agreement with that sentiment by cutting more staff and faculty.  As my readers know, these new cutters arenotalone.

One of the latest examples is the University of Oregon, which is getting rid of some humanities faculty (adjuncts) and staff (mostly IT).

Some details: once more the humanities are hit.  The rationale here is typical, based on quantitative demand: “[UO’s College of Arts and Sciences dean] Marcus… said humanities classes have drawn fewer students in recent years.”

Why are these cuts happening?  You, dear reader, already know the drill by now.  First, university revenue is dropping.  After an uptick in student numbers during the financial crisis, “enrollment has dropped in recent years” and there is “less funding from the state of Oregon”.  Second, campus expenses are growing, namely the “steadily rising cost…

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