Folsom Prison Graduation Address (No Blues or Jeans)

by VanessaVaile

Julian Vasquez Heilig addresses prisoners receiving diplomas and certificates of different types. One student was finishing his four-year college degree and two others were finishing two-year associates degrees. There were about 10 other prisoners that had finished their high school equivalency. The other 35 or so were receiving honors such as Microsoft, technology and parole program certificates.

Cloaking Inequity

Last Friday, I was honored to give a graduation address at Folsom Prison.

Folsom State Prison (FSP) is a California State Prison in Folsom, CaliforniaU.S., approximately 20 mi (30 km) northeast of the state capital of Sacramento… It opened 137 years ago in 1880, Folsom is the state’s second-oldest prison..  Folsom was also one of the first maximum security prisons, and as such witnessed the execution of 93 condemned prisoners over a 42-year period.

Folsom is probably best known in popular culture for concerts performed at the facility by musician Johnny Cash, particularly in 1968, when the two shows of January 13 were made into a live album. He had written and recorded the song “Folsom Prison Blues” over a decade earlier. Source.


The prison is as the end of a long, beautiful winding road through cow pastures and is located in front of Folsom…

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