Still more American university cuts and mergers

by VanessaVaile

when a queen sacrifice hits on the table, the seismic waves ripple through the entire campus workforce but often with most drastic outcomes for on the adjuncts in the basement of the Ivory Silo™

Bryan Alexander

As American colleges and universities work to fill up their fall classes, some are struggling to cope with low enrollment and financial pain.  Once more, our higher ed sector continues to be unhealthy.  Once again, the queen sacrifice is on the table.

ITEM: more than one half of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education‘s public universities are consideringcutting programs and faculty.  We know about this because the faculty union has publicly warned its members of this administrative intention.  (The specific term isn’t layoff but “retrenchment”.)

axITEM: the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system is considering massive administrative consolidation, along with combining a dozen community colleges into a single entity.

ITEM: two Connecticut Catholic institutions are considering a mergerSacred Heart University and St. Vincent’s College.

Two different states, private and public campuses – what do they have in common?  My readers already know the answer:…

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