After the Big Marches, How to Bring the Revolution Home

by VanessaVaile

#WhatNow? Yes! mag editor @SarahVanGelder on @whatwecando

The Revolution Where You Live

As the Trump regime rolls out, the need for building local power becomes startlingly clear.

The Women’s March on Saturday was amazing and historic. But after the big events are over, how do we continue the momentum? Huge demonstrations are important, especially to reviving our spirits, but to make real change, we’ll need to build power where we live.

It’s in our communities that we can resist hate and stand up for each other.

In communities we have the moral authority to insist on the changes we need and to build the sort of world we want. By building connections—even with people who vote differently—we can find common purpose that transcends polarized politics. On that basis, we can resist those who would force pipelines or deportations on us and reclaim our power as “we the people” of the United States.

So what does it actually mean to build power where you live?

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