Another glimpse of European higher education and technology

by VanessaVaile

A look at differences and similarities across U.S. and European higher ed.
Check out presenters in #DGED Storify for some links to presentations, find across the pond higher ed sources to follow. Our profession is global — explore that.

Bryan Alexander

Last week I had the honor of addressing a European Union higher education meeting in Malta.  I actually presented three times, each session offering a different cut of my thoughts on the future of education and technology.

The conference was titled “The State of Digital Education”, and offered a fine snapshot into how European academia is approaching technology, how it’s responding to new social developments, and looking towards the future.  In this post I’ll identify some of the most interesting ones, especially for non-European audiences.

Participants were an intriguing mix of officials (national education ministries, European organizations, NGOs), faculty members, and technologists.  Full credit to the event planners for drawing together this variety, and for making them comfortable enough to work with each other.  That especially means the excellent Alex Grech.  (Here’s a Storify of conference tweets, thanks to veecam)

Bryan lecturing. Photo by Auður Rán Þorgeirsdóttir Nothing like Trump to get attention from…

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