The Future Trends Forum leaps into 2017

by VanessaVaile

start your #FTTE year today with Adrianna Kezar on the Changing Faculty and Student Success. Lagniappe: a handful of links about the Forum and today’s guest,

Bryan Alexander

After a holiday break (and nice online party) the Future Trends Forum is roaring back for the new year.

First, a glance back.  The Forum launched on February 11th, 2016, almost one year ago, with Audrey Watters as our first guest.   We started from scratch, without any name recognition, media partners, or institutional connections.  From that initial point, we went on to conduct forty-three (43) Forum sessions through 2016.   52 guests have appeared.  For the audience, more than 1,320people have participated. There are now forty-seven (47) recordings on YouTube.

forum-amy-collier-and-george-station Forum stalwarts George Station and Amy Collier, plus a horde of participants.

Plenty of developments and experiments have emerged over the past 11 months.  We’ve piloted live sessions, for example, held at important conferences, where Christopher Downs has done terrific production work making everything work.  I’ve tried having myself as sole host-guest for several Fora, connecting…

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