Standing Rock: Challenge to the Establishment, School for the Social Movements

by VanessaVaile

@rchrdmoser’s posts over the election cycle lay bare a punishing year. #StandingRock has been a beacon and an enduring lesson to all organizers for what lies ahead. Closing, Richard reminds us,

“This battle may be won for now but the long war against climate change and the system that drives it, demands vision, organizing and perseverance. We will be standing on the shoulders of Standing Rock for many years to come.”

Be Freedom

This article also appeared in Counterpunch

Standing Rock: Challenge to the Establishment, School for the Social Movements. 

Opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline began in October 2014. Young warriors of the Standing Rock Sioux established the Sacred Stone Camp in April 2016. Since then, thousands of native and non-native supporters have joined in non-violent resistance under the leadership of native elders.

And suddenly, as thousands of US veterans arrived in North Dakota, Obama blinked, and kicked the can further down the road. The people have won an important victory in the struggle for native rights and against climate change.

The most important victory is learning how to win.

The lessons flow fast and furious from Standing Rock and our teachers are Sitting Bull’s people. We have learned that violence has become one of the governments preferred methods of dealing with serious social problems and political challenges at home and abroad…

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