The Awakening: Many Voices, Many Stories

by VanessaVaile

this installment of Bay Area SEIU organizer Jessica Lawless (dTa @jesimone)’s blog chronicling a special #adjunctstories subgenre, #adjunct organizers, features @LeeKottner

More about the series. If you have a story to tell, contact Jessica.

Cultural Capital Doesn't Pay the Rent

Lee Kottner is a lifelong union supporter and educator, now working outside academe for a social justice policy think tank. She taught as an adjunct for nearly 15 years in every possible kind of institution in New York and Michigan, and she still misses her students. She’s proud to be a board member of New Faculty Majority Foundation and their Social Media Director. 

Lee has also been an uncompromising voice in the adjunct movement for many years,  moving us to where we are today.


She writes with humor and honesty about how her own awakening to inequitable conditions in higher ed was precipitated by her awakening to her students’ of color experiences simply attempting to get to school and earn an education. As an educator, Lee took in the “stories” students wrote about Stop and Frisk, unjust incarceration, racially motivated sexual assault, the fire wall state bureaucracy creates and so much more…

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