I Found the Spirit of Standing Rock in Communities Across the Nation

These days, we need revolution where we live. What better model and inspiration can we find than the “spirit of of Standing Rock”? This article is the lead in 50 Solutions, the Winter 2017 issue of YES! Magazine— its 20th anniversary issue. Learn more about the book, The Revolution Where You Live, here.

The Revolution Where You Live

A four-month road trip showed me how many of us are building a better America by working together. Then I visited Standing Rock …

The cedar canoes started out proudly from Bismarck, North Dakota, under threatening skies. The Northwest tribes had come a long way. Members of the Tlingit Nation had hauled their painted canoe more than 2,000 miles from Juneau, Alaska. Tribes from Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana also came, crossing the Rockies, some driving through the night to answer the call from the Standing Rock Sioux.

There were rumors of thunder and lightning storms as the paddlers gathered on the banks of the Missouri River, but these travelers were accustomed to harsh weather—many had paddled in the open Pacific and navigated inland waters with currents strong enough to cause massive standing waves and whirlpools.

Conditions in North Dakota were different, though. No one could remember ever seeing Northwest-carved…

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