The struggle for the Democratic party’s future begins with calls to head left

by VanessaVaile

#WhatNow for the post-election DNC from a #highered / “this week in Finland” perspective. By now #PrecarityNetwork just started its 2nd “What now?” collection — not exclusively political but does include electoral college and popular vote movement. fwiw here’s the 1st one,

Bryan Alexander

Greetings from Finland, where I’m enjoying a week’s residency kindly supported by Arcada University.  This Nordic/eastern European perch is an interesting one from which to view the results of our American election.

Let me pick out one aspect for this post.

After last week’s epicdisaster, the American Democratic party is entering a period of self-reflection and redefinition.  There even are signs of unrest in the apparatus. A key aspect to this struggle is the drive to move that party to the left.

That idea is based on an interpretation of the election hinging on working-class turnout being driven by economic anxiety.  People were afraid for their economic future, depressed or enraged at their present and past, and didn’t see Hillary Clinton as the candidate to help out them out financially.  This is very different from explanations seeing Trump’s success driven by sexism or racism.  It’s…

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