What does Trump’s victory mean for higher education?

by VanessaVaile

Waiting for the #highered shoe to drop. Since this particular #badmin does not seem #labor friendly, I’d hazard the guess that doing right by #adjunct and other #academiclabor may not be a high priority. Privatization, defunding, and edismantling of public education seem more likely.

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Bryan Alexander

So what will a Trump administration do to/for/with American higher education?

It is now established that it’s difficult to predict anything around Trump.  Worse for prediction, his campaign said very little about post-secondary education, so we have little to go on.  And yet we need to think hard about what this new administration might mean for the next four years.

Here are some possibilities, based on some Trump signals, recent Republican practice, and trendlines.  They aren’t in any meaningful order:

The American economy might decline for various reasons (stock market shock, foreign capital gets cold feet, some businesses accelerate outsourcing, etc). This could drive more students to higher ed, as with 2008. It could also clobber endowments and already stressed state budgets.

The GOP might pressure the richest institutions to change endowment practices in favor of spending more on students.  We’ve already seen signs of that at federal and local…

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