Strange, stupid, occasionally inspiring: reflections on Election Day 2016

by VanessaVaile

@BryanAlexander reflects on #election2016

Bryan Alexander

Today my family is voting.  Well, all who can.  My wife can’t, since she’s an alien (Canadian/EU citizenship, second up against the wall when the Trump comes).  But my daughter, 21, managed to vote for the first time.  My son, 18, will vote with me after he gets out of school this afternoon.

I’ve been following the election closely for the past two years, reading and listening voraciously, getting involved a bit, and talking up a storm. I’ve rarely written about it here, beyond education policy notes, nor have I tweeted much beyond education and technology topics.  Instead, Facebook has been my political arena, where I’ve had good conversations.  Yes, that’s weird, especially when you realize that these discussions involve people all over the political spectrum and around the world, but it’s worked so far.  I’ve also been asking people questions in person, across the US and in other…

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