It’s About All of Us: Tell Your Students What You Are

by VanessaVaile

Talk to your students. Explain contingency in academic labor and how it affects them. We can’t say that often enough.

The Adjunct Crisis

I’m posting the latest  from mixinminao (Geoff Johnson) because he is having some technical difficulties with his computer. Here is the hardest working activist in America’s latest post:

For most people reading this, you are serious adjunct/contingent activists who are all too aware of how damaging adjunct working conditions are your life economically, physically, emotionally, psychically. . . and I could go on.  You may also be aware of how it hurts students, the institution, and contract/full-time employees as well.  You may also be aware that people have written about this at length and that in the face of it, movement on much of the issue has been, with but a exceptions, glacial at best.

Part of this is because every time we broach the issue on our campuses during activist events like Campus Equity Week or Adjunct action, we spend more time having to tell students what an adjunct…

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