Your Professors are on Welfare: CUNY Adjunct Project pushes for professor strike

by VanessaVaile

The independent student voice of Hunter College, Est. 1944

Phyll Pope

On February 29, The CUNY Adjunct Project, a group of teaching assistants and various other non-tenure track faculty members advocating for improved working conditions for CUNY adjuncts, officially endorsed the Professional Staff Congress’ (PSC) push for a strike authorization vote.

Talk of a CUNY-faculty strike began on October 15th of last year when, at a PSC Delegate Assembly meeting, PSC President Barbara Bowen suggested that the union hold a strike-authorization vote. The vote would essentially give the union’s Executive Council to call a strike at a time which they have deemed necessary.

A strike authorization vote does not call for a strike, which is an illegal action for public employees under the Taylor Law. The vote is an process under PSC executive control to form a coalition of supporters to grant the PSC executive leadership the right to call a strike if they deem necessary to do so.

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