The Road to Ruin

by VanessaVaile

The demagogues are not just in politics. Social movements and academia have their share. The same can be said for predators

Umair Haque Diary

There are five steps in the fall of humble nations and mighty empires alike. Five steps from decline to ruin, from twilight to midnight. How many have we taken? How many will we take?

The great question now, in an age of rage, extremism surging like a tsunami across a drowning globe, isn’t the retrospective one scholars and leaders are asking: how did we get here? It’s the prospective one: what happens next? There’s been endless discussion of the causes of extremism’s rise globally. Let’s talk for a moment about the effects instead.

Tomorrow, it’s not longer failed leaders who hold power—an enraged citizenry, shaking with betrayal, seeking vengeance, has snatched the reins of power. And handed them to the inheritors and descendants of failed leaders: demagogues. What is such a world — one run by demagogues, propelled by rage, fuelled by broken dreams — likely to look like…and what is the destination…

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