My Adjunct Action Day Speech at Mesa

by VanessaVaile

Thank you, Geoff — and JR too — again, for your contributions. I’m looking over social media for a “shouts out” list. Adjunct Crisis is at the top of it.

The Adjunct Crisis

Dear Students, Full-time faculty, Classified, Administrators, and of course Adjuncts:

Approximately one year ago, when for the first time on a widespread scale such rallies as these took place, I was to a degree excited by the chance to speak out along with my colleague and fellow adjunct John Hoskins to draw attention to the adjunct condition.

Sadly, it’s a year later, and there are still so many students out there who don’t know the meaning of the term, or how it has become synonymous with teacher exploitation, marginalization, and the rationing of instruction.

The adjunct, or so called “part-time” instructor is a teacher, who like his/her full-time counterparts, must possess either a Master’s or Doctorate degree, so that he/she can teach to more or less the same student population in subjects, which he or she, has the same level of expertise. In truth, the student taught by either will…

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