Elite Saturday Links Enter CANAVAN at Checkout for 20% Off

by VanessaVaile

Look at what Gerry Canavan found on the internet…not just higher ed links. Hey, it’s the weekend. Live long and prosper, link grubber compadres.

Gerry Canavan


* A version of this xkcd has been running continually in my brain for two years.

* February 26-27 at Duke University: Pleasure and Suspicion: An Interdisciplinary Conference.

* Open access SFFTV! A special issue on The X-Files from 2013.

Louisiana universities are facing the largest midyear cut in state history, Governor John Bel Edwards said in a televised speech last Thursday. Even if the Legislature can find additional revenue, higher education will need to cut $42 million this year. Louisiana’s total higher education budget is $769 million, and if the Legislature cannot raise more revenue, higher education could face a $200 million cut.

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