NPE publishes Valuing Public Education: A 50 State Report Card

by VanessaVaile

Here’s the Network for Public Education‘s interactive Education Map. What does this have to with your own college teaching? Easy. Check your state’s report card to better understand what your future college students have been through before they arrive in your classroom.

Ask not for whom the privateers troll: all public education is connected.

Cloaking Inequity

The Network for Public Education is pleased to publish today a new national report card that analyses how each state values public education. The following is from Carol Burris, Executive Director of Network for Public Education:

We want to give you a first look at a very important NPE project that Diane is unveiling at the National Press Club today. Valuing Public Education: a 50 State Record Card, is an evaluation of how well our states and the District of Columbia support public schools.

It’s the first in-depth, nonpartisan report card to grade states according to whether their current policies and laws make public schools vibrant and strong or undermine them. It stands in stark contrast to report cards released from conservative political organizations like The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and StudentsFirst that wrongly rank states based on their willingness to privatize public education and weaken the status…

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