Our 2016 Platform

by VanessaVaile

This works for higher education too. Let 2016 be the of cooperative and coordinated resistance across public education — ALL education and ALL the stakeholders.

Movement of Rank and File Educators

#MORE2016 #MORE2016

“Our Working Conditions are Our Students’ Learning Conditions”

With A Membership-Driven Union We Can:

  • Enforce Our Contract and Organize for a Just Contract in 2018
  • Defend Public Education
  • Combat Systemic School Segregation and Racism .
  • Support Opt Out and Oppose Common Core, Danielson Evaluations and High Stakes  Testing
  • Make the UFT a Democratic,Transparent and Accountable Union.

I-Enforce Our Contract & Organize for a Just Contract in 2018

  1. Mobilize members for a stronger contract with higher salaries and immediate payment of retro.
  2. Fight for CFE (Campaign for Fiscal Equity Funding) funding to lower class size, provide more books, art materials, and after school programs, and also to improve teachers’ capacities by increasing per session funding and the number of prep periods.
  3. Establish paid maternity and paternity leave on par with international standards.
  4. Win due process rights for untenured educators and launch a campaign for due process for all New York…

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