Paths of Desire

by VanessaVaile

just added the 40 hours adjunct to the precarious faculty blog‘s blogroll. Check out #DigiWriMo too.

The 40-Hour Adjunct

Kate Bowles had a lovely piece up at the Digital Writing Month page called “Traces” today. Everyone interested in digital writing, consuming it, creating it, discussing it, thinking about and defining it, should take a look at her meditation on its meanings. I can’t summarize: please read the whole thing.

This section spoke to me particularly about my own DigiWriMo and writing goals. About walking (well. kind of), she writes:

And over time we make paths by following each other’s line of thought: that way is the shorter line between points, that way avoids the tree, and so on. Gradually these paths become visible to everyone, and then they tell us something important about the gait, the weight, and the lean of our bodies. We call these desire paths, and many other names—vernacular paths, goat trails, elephant paths—but it seems to me that they’re a kind of collaborative writing of…

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