The Language We Use: The Voice of Contingent Faculty

by VanessaVaile

ICYMI ~ revisit this great post by Kate Weber aka @k8simply for Campus Equity Week

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Recently, my university has hosted some important discussions about the role of contingent faculty in shared governance with the mindset that the institution cannot rely so heavily on lecturer faculty without including them in both decision-making and collegiate community-building. Although I’m happy this issue is being talked about openly–it’s kind of the elephant in the room, if you ask me–there’s been some reluctance from both contingent and non-contingent faculty to actively participate in these discussions.

Unfortunately, some tenured and tenure-track faculty might not see this as a pressing issue, but the first concern is why many of us lecturers aren’t taking advantage of this opportunity to have our voices heard. This is, after all, in our best interest, isn’t it? I’m guilty of largely staying quiet. A survey went around asking for my thoughts, I saw it, and I deleted the email. I could easily say, as some lecturers have, “I’d love to…

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