Academic Ronin

by VanessaVaile

adjunct as traveling academic warrior serving many masters

Bread and Circus



By G. Arnold

There are few careers as unique, or as misunderstood, as that of the professional academic. The path to such a career is long, and in the journey from undergraduate study to advanced graduate training there are many opportunities to go astray. Some people get sidelined early along the way; others make it through years of coursework and preparation, but can never manage to finish their dissertations.

But a substantial number of Ph.D. students successfully run the gauntlet and earn their doctorates. For some of these people, careers in industry or applied professions await. For those seeking the traditional academic career, however, the journey is just starting.

For the many Ph.D. recipients seeking a traditional academic career, the road ahead is uncharted. The search for a full-time appointment, preferably on the tenure track at a prestigious university…

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