Pearson CEO John Fallon Wants to Win America Over.

by VanessaVaile

…and coming after #highered too


In my book, Common Core Dilemma–Who Owns Schools?, I have a chapter on London-based mega-company, Pearson. The chapter includes details from Pearson’s February 2014 earnings call, which shows Pearson’s plans to rake in the bucks from Common Core and associated testing as Pearson “embeds” itself into American education like a fat tick latches onto the skin of an unsuspecting yard dog.

How’s that for a mental picture?

On September 23, 2015, Washington Post education writer Valerie Strauss featured an excerpt from the Common Core Dilemma chapter on Pearson. Readers are able to view Strauss’ post on her blog, “The Answer Sheet,” by clicking here.

Since the time of its February 2014 earnings call, the rollout of Common Core and its associated assessments has not proceeded as smoothly (and therefore, has not translated as readily into profits) as Pearson thought it would. Such is immediately apparent in the struggling and shrinking…

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