More on Solidarity: “Speak to Shared Goals,” Not “Speak with One Voice”

by VanessaVaile

A good lesson for adjunct activists… PS don’t miss the preceding post this develops from,

Although a K12 activist, blogger Paul Thomas also teaches in higher ed and writes for the NCTE Journal,

We’re all in this together, defending public education

academic freedom isn't free

Responding to my musing about the lack of solidarity among new media resistance to education reform, Sherri Spelic cautioned:

Solidarity, yes. However, in movements in which the aim is to “speak with one voice” whose voices are most likely to be quieted or softened or pushed to the edges? I fear it is often women’s voices which are sacrificed more often than not.

Certainly the number of voices in the ed reform push back camp is growing and we have to realize that new readers, writers, lurkers are finding their way into social media daily. The edu blogosphere is expanding as educators attempt to keep up with what appears to be a runaway train. They are told they must blog and pin and tweet in order to call themselves “connected.” And that’s when folks who were here earliest and built those initial cults of edu personalities began to talk about how…

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