The Walking Man – Dr. Jesse Turner – “An Ode to Education”

by VanessaVaile


Jo Lieb is an English teacher, writer, poet and public education advocate.  Jo Lieb’s blog is called Poetic Justice.  Today Poetic Justice features a guest post from Dr. Jesse Turner, a college professor and leading public school activist.

From the Walking Man  – Dr. Jesse Turner

An Ode to Education

I Love Public Education
I cried the first time my Mother left me at your door,
I would learn to love you with every morning cookie and container of milk,
I would love you more with every song we sang within your hallowed walls,
I found your love in every teacher’s smile in your halls
I loved the reverence and respect you showed our flag every morning.
When the evil darkness of assassination
took the life of President Kennedy ~ you were there,
You calmed us, and helped us understand that although things could never be the same ~…

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