Transformative Movement Culture and The Inside/Outside Strategy

by VanessaVaile

Last post in this IOS series. Look for the next series here and on the National Mobilization for Equity Facebook page or website too. Ana M Fores will also feature posts on her popular Facebook page, Adjunct Justice.

Be Freedom

The last of three posts on the Inside/Outside Strategy. 

Transformative Movement Culture and the Inside/Outside Strategy 

Do we want to win the argument or build the movement?

The search for the “right line” or debates about the “agent of history” continues to shape the inner life of radical movements and consumes tremendous energies better spent organizing.

Perhaps the first step is simply to appreciate the efforts of people and organizations along a range of political and institutional positions. We all need to push or pull. Bruise your hands on the levers you find most useful. Really get to know how hard this is. Look up and down the political terrain and recognize others pushing or pulling in the same direction, even if not in the same way.

In, Climate of Change: What Does an Inside-Outside Strategy Mean? Mark Engler and Paul Engler present a cogent and insightful account of the efforts…

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