Strategic Choreography

by VanessaVaile

Part 2 of Richard Moser’s series on Inside/Outside Strategy (IOS).

Two more series are underway: an eleven part series on the Organizing Strategies of MLK and a seven part series on Elections

Be Freedom

The second of  three posts on the Inside/Outside Strategy. 

Strategic Choreography and Inside/Outside Strategy (IOS)

Find your partners and dance, dance, dance.

The combined effect of demands, disruptions and visionary examples from the outside with advocacy from inside can create the democratic force so lacking in our formal, largely broken, system of representation. Successful IOS demands the complementary use of both negotiations and dissent. This tactical diversity and flexibility aims to create a push/pull dynamic edging the power center toward a more desirable position.

The challenge is to encourage our wide cast of characters to imagine that they are all part of the same play. Imagine that. I am not defending the climbers in the movement that have capitulated to corporate rule, or accepted austerity, or war and the war on drugs. They have bowed out on their own.

Outside actors can better play their part by movement building and…

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