What is the Inside/Outside Strategy?

by VanessaVaile

Great news for the adjunct and activist blogosphere: noted contingent academic labor activist Rich Moser is now blogging — and this is his initial post. Best known for organizing academic labor — and writing about it, his 40 years of activist experience include student, peace, and community movements too. If you have not already read his “Organizing: The Arts and Sciences,” *now* would be a good time, https://newunionism.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/moser. If you have, then it’s not too soon to re-read it either.

Be Freedom

The first of three posts on the IOS.

What is the Inside/Outside Strategy (IOS)?

The IOS depends on the creation of mass movements and alternative activities outside the centers of power that work in conjunction with clusters of interest — organized or individual supporters inside or along the periphery of the power structure. IOS is a strategic orientation that social movements and dissenters have historically used to influence society.*

Strategy is a means of empowerment; a plan or method for getting things done; a way of answering the question: How? Strategy is the planned use of tactics, an instrument of power and its design depends upon its goals.

Strategy is useful not only because we need a plan but also because it allows us to have a more revealing perspective than issues alone, a more useful vantage point from which to observe movement activity. IOS can also provide a better understanding…

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