University bridge to nowhere?

by VanessaVaile

revisiting a 2011 post still as valid now as when posted ~ possibly more so ~ that I found looking for more examples to womyn-splain why we should click through before commenting on a link

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Public universities across the United States are facing serious budget crises. As a result, they may be in the process of building a bridge to nowhere.

One response to these crises is for flagship campuses (and, in some cases, public university systems as a whole) to obtain greater autonomy. Wisconsin is one state in a tendency that also includes Oregon, Ohio, and Louisiana.

“There is a real tension between serving the public needs, on one hand, and doing what they have to do to ensure that their institution can compete in the marketplace,” said Jane Wellman, executive director of the Delta Cost Project.

“Madison seceding from the union sends the message, ‘We’re not like you, we’re better than you, we’re going to cut our own deal,’ ” she said. “They may be better and different, but they still have a responsibility to assert a leadership role rather than cut their…

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