What American educational oligarchy looks like in 2015

by VanessaVaile

We already know what the educational oligarchy looks like from inside the profession, as a workplace. Let us not forget: we are not alone on the wrong side of the widening gap

Bryan Alexander

It seems like the fact of drastic educational inequality is becoming more widely known in the United States of 2015.  At the same time, gaps of race and class are widening and normalizing.  And we refuse to do anything about it, basically, preferring to accept, if not celebrate our entrance into Thomas Piketty’s world.

Fieldston logoCase in point: a heartbreaking This American Life story, “Three Miles“.  Take the time to listen to the stream, or at least read through the whole transcript.  “Three Miles” follows several poor, nonwhite New York City people from being K-12 students to entering adult life, tracing how their educational fate was powerfully determined – i.e., restricted –  by race and especially class.

Listen/read carefully to this opening depiction of a yawning gulf between two nearly neighboring schools:

Lisa Greenbaum’s school, University Heights High School, is a public school. It’s 97% black and Hispanic. It’s…

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