Privatizing community college in Arizona

by VanessaVaile

Bryan Alexander

Last month I noted a wave of Republican-led proposals to seriously cut financing for public colleges and universities.  I suggested that these moves would force more queen sacrifices from a great deal of campuses. Arizona was part of that wave, with its governor Ducey seeking $75 million in reductions.  This week that state considered even further reductions:

The governor originally wanted to cut their budgets by $75 million, but the new deal would cut state appropriation by $104 million, or 14 percent of their state support.

And now the budget has this unusual goal: removing all state support for many community colleges.

the final deal would cut an additional $9 million, to eliminate all state funds. Small community college districts would continue to receive money, but the large districts that would now have no state funds include the mammoth Maricopa and Pima districts.

Late Friday night the Arizona legislature

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