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NAWD: (National Adjunct Whatever Day) Where the Action is in San Diego County

Looking for #NAWD action in San Diego county?

The Adjunct Crisis

Good Adjuncts,

Look these rallies today, and when and where they are located:

Community Colleges

12:00-1:00 at City College in Gorton Quad

12:00-1:00 at Mesa College outside the LRC

12:00-1:00 at Palomar College

12:30-1:30 at Southwestern College on the Mayan Theater Patio

2:00-3:00 at Grossmont College outside the LTRC

4:00-6:15 there will be an Adjunct Appreciation Party at Miramar College in room K-107.    Pizza and refreshments will be served.

Four-Year Institutions

11:30UCSD will have a student walkout, followed by a teach-in round table discussion from

12:30at the Yosemite Room

Act up!

Geoff Johnson

A Good adjunct

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Join Other Non-tenure Faculty at Colorado State University in Recognizing Our Contributions

Contingent Caucus's Blog

Please find below some information on CSU’s February 25th celebration of non-tenure track faculty.

Some social media sites and publications have been discussing a National Adjunct Walkout Day planned for this February. While bringing attention to the situation of adjuncts is important, here at Colorado State University, we have the opportunity to engage in a positive celebration of the work non-tenure track faculty do.

CSU’s administration has been actively working with us to make substantial progress in the working conditions of non-tenure track faculty on campus. While there is still further progress to be made both at CSU and nationally, on February 25th we encourage you to

• take a picture of yourself at work and post it to social media using #NAWD and #CSUNAWD. If you teach, you might include your students.
• visit the steps of the Administration building to record yourself and/or your classes celebrating the work…

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