NAWD Action Item #9: Act Up So That Others No Longer Live and Work in Fear

by VanessaVaile

making a list and checking it twice…on it: “real all the posts in Action Item series”

The Adjunct Crisis

Good Adjuncts:

We are 24 hours away from the largest labor action in Adjunct history, and we need to act up.

This past weekend, I went to a statewide teacher’s union conference.  Knowing that many of the adjunct reps in the union, especially the statewide reps, were highly supportive of efforts of adjuncts to improve their own lot,  I went to the conference with the positive hopes that I would be networking on actions that we going to happen, and I expected some discussion of the matter by the state leadership.

Instead, in the words of George Castanza, I got nothing.

On the part-time literature table, I saw nothing but the same generic union crap that always gets passed out, except that this time there wasn’t even anything about equity.  It was in fact worse than when I went to the conference in the Fall.  One of the people there…

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